Summertime NYC, Melissa KoKayaking and amusement parks in New York City? Did you know that was even possible?

Well, it is. More than that, New York City also has marches, parades, parks, and productions that make NYC distinctively different than any other city. There’s also a long list of summer dance festivals, as well as attractive picnics, concerts, and rooftop bars. Let’s figure out what enjoyable experiences can cool sometimes intolerable warm-weather dates.


An incredible phenomenon in New York City is an event wherein the sun aligns with Manhattan’s grid for a few days each year. Taking place twice in the month in July, stunning photos often result.

East River Eating:

Grand Banks (Pier 25), The Frying Pan (Pier 66A), and Greenpoint’s The Brooklyn Barge (3 Milton St.) are three bars and restaurants that can be enjoyed in any season but ARE remarkable during the summer.

Waterside Adventures:

The Downtown Boathousethe Brooklyn Bridge Park BoathouseRed Hook Boaters or Kayak Staten Island are places that New Yorkers venture to in order to embrace water activities, such as kayaking and similar water sports.


The seasonal outdoor venue presents ticketed and free performances, providing cultural offerings and outdoor concerts as a summertime tradition. George Clinton, Elvis Costello, Regina Spektor, Def Poets, and similar names have appeared, performing at these events, across 15 local parks.

Bryant Park, the High Line, and Socrates Sculpture Park:

New York City’s parks are unlike any other. Sure, there may be some contenders, but no real competitors. Free concerts, workout classes, and other functions are liberally served at these venues.

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