Outdoor movies have almost become a thing of the past. The Rooftop Cinema Club is bringing this old sensation back to life and taking them to new heights (literally!). On top of New York City’s skyline, you’ll have the best movie going experience, watching a movie on the rooftops showcased around the best settings in New York.

With two locations you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have a night to remember. The YOTEL at 570 Tenth Ave in Manhattan, will be boasting their full-service bar while you wait for your movie to start. The second location on the roof of OfficeOps in East Williamsburg may not have a full-service bar, but it is BYO to help you get a little loose during the movie.

Both locations feature all the amenities that you will need to make sure that your rooftop movie experience goes smoothly. Wireless headphones are a Rooftop Cinema Club specialty, so they really could play movies all night if they really wanted to. You’ll be able to kick back and relax in their comfy deck chairs and eat some delicious popcorn, which is normally included in your ticket price.

This is the perfect date night for you and your significant other. With the purchase of the “Rooftop Love Seat” ticket, you get a shared double deckchair, and bottomless popcorn to the last you the entire evening.  

Don’t get too caught staring out onto NYC’s skyline, Rooftop Cinema Club has picked the best movies for you to watch, from timeless classics like North by Northwest, all the way to this past year’s Oscar winners, La La Land and Moonlight.

Showings are only going through the end of June, so get your tickets as soon as possible, they’re selling out quickly.

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