lardo e vino

With restaurant week having a great run last week in NYC, there are certain amazing staple dishes that restaurant goers never seem to tire of. See below for the best staple dishes for every restaurant week in New York City. 

Razor Clams

A typical clam normally comes in the form of a heart-shaped shell while the razor clams are tubular in shape and contain a lot of meat. Razor clams can easily be grilled on the barbecue and steamed with cider or wine. 

Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef is one of the finest meats that come from a particular breed of cows in Japan. The breed is believed to have enjoyed a nutrient rich diet known as bespoke, and the diet is responsible for the meat’s distinct taste and incredible marbled fat.


Lardo is an Italian dish that is made from a cured pig’s fat and it is common for many restaurants to plate this app as charcuterie. Alternatively, lardo can be stirred to form pasta, which you can use as a pizza topping.

Dulce de leche

Dulche de leche is a South American caramel sauce, which has a very thick consistency. You can use it as a cake topping when taking cheesecakes, chocolates or mousse. Apart from taking it as a cake filling, you can also add a spoonful of Dulce de leche to cheese.


Ramen is a pan-Asian noodle soup. It is open to interpretation, with some toppings ranging from sliced pork to boiled eggs. Fairly easy to prepare, you can also mix it with earthy miso as a base broth. 

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