central park in the winter

Are you visiting NYC for a day or more? Want to experience NYC like the locals? Then forget about the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. With that said, here are some of the best places to go to experience NYC like a true local:

1) Central Park. This may sound like a touristy place to go and it may be filled with tourists daily, but it is the heart of NYC and is visited by tourists and locals alike. Rent a bike nearby and take the loop around Central Park. Trust me, it’ll be a wonderful ride.

2) Go on a Pizza Hunting Adventure. Pizza is the embodiment of NYC. Now I’m telling you now that you should grab a $1 pizza as opposed to sitting and eating at a fancy pizza eatery. Take a stroll while devouring your pizza in 4 bites. That’s how the true locals do it.

3) Coney Island. Have a nice walk on the boardwalk, grab a bite and relax on the beach, watch the water, watch the people, contemplate. You can spend a whole day here.

4) Chinatown in Manhattan or Queens. Both offer a large variety of food at really affordable prices. You can spend all afternoon strolling around, buying souvenirs, eating, exploring and getting bothered by chinatown locals trying to sell you fake handbags.

5) Now if you really really really want to see the Statue Of Liberty, but don’t want to spend the money, take the Staten Island Ferry. It’s free back and forth. There are great views of the water and you can spot Lady Liberty too. Two birds with one stone.

6) My last and favorite tip refers back to my beginning point; get lost. Choose a subway line to get on and just take a ride until you see a stop that catches your eye. Get off and explore. The neighborhoods in NYC are vastly different and very diverse. For example, get on the uptown N line and take it to the last stop (Astoria). I guarantee that this will not disappoint and will be bound to be exciting and adventurous.

Go out and explore. The world is your oyster.

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