When you think New York cuisine, you think pizza. Tourists come to New York City for a number of reasons, and the pizza is certainly one of them. No one can leave New York without trying a slice of pizza. There are so many places to get delicious pizza in New York that it’s hard to narrow the list down to just a few. However, there certainly are some pizzerias that stand above the rest. Here are some of the best places to get pizza in New York City:

1) Di Fara Pizza

What To Order: Classic Pie

Head to this pizzeria in Midwood, Brooklyn for the exquisite classic pie with its plum-tomato sauce, zesty sausage, buffalo mozzarella, pepper and onions. To finish it off, the pizza is drizzled with olive oil and topped with snipped basil leaves. Watching owner Domenico DeMarco craft his signature pie is truly mesmerizing. Once you get a bite of this pizza, you’ll see why DeMarco is a legend.

2) Kesté

What To Order: Margherita Pizza

This West Village pizzeria is owned by Roberto Caporuscio, who grew up on a dairy farm not far from Naples, and has brought his roots to the city to create an exemplary culinary experience. Kesté’s outstanding margherita pizza features house-pulled mozzarella, sauce made of San Manzano tomatoes, fresh basil and a puffy crust with just the right amount of chewiness. If you’re wondering what makes the crust so delicious, the secret is the Caputo 00 flour.

3) Totonno’s

What To Order: Margherita Pizza

For those who prefer their pizza with a small amount of sauce, Totonno’s is the place for you. This Coney Island spot is one of the oldest pizzerias in New York. It was opened by Anthony “Totonno” Pero in 1924 and has become a beloved cultural hub of Coney Island ever since. The business has been through many trials and tribulations, including a five-month shutdown after Hurricane Sandy and a number of fires, but the incredible pizza has kept the business afloat. The margherita pizza has pools of house-made mozzarella, coal-fired blisters, and just a touch of a sweet (but not too sweet) tomato sauce.

4) Motorino

What To Order: Brussels Sprout Pizza

With locations in Williamsburg and the East Village, as well as outposts in Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong, Motorino is an iconic pizzeria that you have no excuse not to visit. Owner Mathieu Palombino was making Neapolitan-style pies long before the trend caught on in New York, and these pies continue to be of the highest quality today. Any pie you get at Motorino is bound to be delectable and inventive. If you want to get the most notable pie at Motorino, you’ll want to order the brussels sprout pizza. The bitterness of the brussels sprouts contrasts beautifully with sweet fior di latte, buttery pecorino, thick-sliced pancetta and a drizzle extra-virgin olive oil.

If you go exploring in New York City, you’re bound to come across some delicious pizza. But if you’re looking for some guidance and you want to know the best places to go, you’ll want to visit the pizzerias on this list. Whether you’re a New York native or an out-of-towner, a visit to any of these pizza spots will give you a life-changing culinary experience.

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