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Best Things To Do In New York City This Summer

As we enter the summer months, it becomes the perfect time to experience what New York City has to offer. From modern rooftop bars to the classic Coney Island, there is something to do for every mood. Here are some of the things that I am most excited about in New York City this summer. […]

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The Best Restaurants That You Need To Try In New York City

New York City continues to be one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit for many reasons. Not only is there an array of things to do, but there are countless places to eat throughout the city. Because of how many restaurants are located in New York City, it can be difficult for […]

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Insider Tips For An Affordable and Well-Managed Visit to NYC

Often, New York City is seen as a wonderland of dollar slices, high-end cuisine, and densely populated area, but it’s also a city where decided tourist traps are laid out for some of its visitors. Areas, such as Times Square, ensnare tourists and separate from their money, and many don’t benefit from the precious secrets the […]

7 NYC Buildings, Melissa Ko

Architectural Magic: 7 NYC Buildings That Are Remarkable

Skyscrapers known to New York City differ from any other in the world, and each has its defined qualities and attributes. Read on to learn a bit about a few of these lush landmarks. Located at 175 Fifth Ave between 22nd and 23rd streets, the Flatiron Building is a 22-story steel triangular structure initially known […]

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Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm & Other Picturesque NYC Destinations During the Fall

Likely, you’ve heard dozens, if not countless stories about the pure splendor of summers and winters in New York City. It’s true. There’s nothing quite like summer days in Central Park and nothing quite like winter nights near Rockefeller Center. However, don’t be fooled, New York City also is a remarkably colorful, brilliant place during […]

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Manhattan Clam Chowder & More: Iconic & Lush NYC Dishes

Both savory and luscious foods originated here, in NYC, including General Tso’s Chicken and Baked Alaska. More than that, NYC has not only birthed several incredible dishes, there are countless notable NYC favorites born outside of the city –or even the nation– but earned its rites as NYC fare through naturalization. NYC and its culinary staples regularly […]

Summer in NYC: Events, Celebrations, and More

Kayaking and amusement parks in New York City? Did you know that was even possible? Well, it is. More than that, New York City also has marches, parades, parks, and productions that make NYC distinctively different than any other city. There’s also a long list of summer dance festivals, as well as attractive picnics, concerts, and rooftop bars. Let’s […]

Rooftop Cinema Club is Not Your Average Movie Experience

Outdoor movies have almost become a thing of the past. The Rooftop Cinema Club is bringing this old sensation back to life and taking them to new heights (literally!). On top of New York City’s skyline, you’ll have the best movie going experience, watching a movie on the rooftops showcased around the best settings in […]

Up and Coming Female Entrepreneurs of 2017

More women are starting businesses than ever. While some female entrepreneurs, such as Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Indra Nooyi have become household names, there are much more up-and-comers who have not yet achieved the same name recognition. Carolyn Rodz As a kid, Carolyn Rodz wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be a lawyer, a […]

How to Shop at a Farmers Market

Come prepared Although sellers at farmers markets have plastic bags, you won’t want to carry your produce around in grocery bags all morning. Bring a tote bag, preferably one that is comfortable to carry. If you enjoy attending the farmers market and want to make it a weekly thing, consider investing in something with wheels, […]

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