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NYC Fall desintations, Melissa Ko

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm & Other Picturesque NYC Destinations During the Fall

Likely, you’ve heard dozens, if not countless stories about the pure splendor of summers and winters in New York City. It’s true. There’s nothing quite like summer days in Central Park and nothing quite like winter nights near Rockefeller Center. However, don’t be fooled, New York City also is a remarkably colorful, brilliant place during […]

Clam chowder & more, Melissa Ko

Manhattan Clam Chowder & More: Iconic & Lush NYC Dishes

Both savory and luscious foods originated here, in NYC, including General Tso’s Chicken and Baked Alaska. More than that, NYC has not only birthed several incredible dishes, there are countless notable NYC favorites born outside of the city –or even the nation– but earned its rites as NYC fare through naturalization. NYC and its culinary staples regularly […]

Top Spring Festivals in NYC Right Now

Spring is in the air in NYC and so are exciting spring flower festivals, food fairs and cocktail expos for every type of event you’d like to participate in. From the Coffee and Tea Festival to the Orchid Show, there has never been a more opportune time to explore the city as the temperature rises […]

How to Experience NYC Like a Local

Are you visiting NYC for a day or more? Want to experience NYC like the locals? Then forget about the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. With that said, here are some of the best places to go to experience NYC like a true local: 1) Central Park. This may sound like a […]

The 4 Best Pizza Places in New York City

When you think New York cuisine, you think pizza. Tourists come to New York City for a number of reasons, and the pizza is certainly one of them. No one can leave New York without trying a slice of pizza. There are so many places to get delicious pizza in New York that it’s hard […]

New York Cultural Attraction: The Flea Theater

While many tourists and New York natives alike will head to broadway to see a play, some people want to head to a more cozy and quaint environment. For those who want to see a top quality performance in a small venue, check out The Flea. The Flea is now a hub for creative artists […]

The NYC Dance Experience: 3 Studios People Can Learn To Move

New York City has long been known as a global capital for the arts. Home to hundreds of museums and cultural institutions, scores of theaters, and a world-famous symphony orchestra, the city is a hub for visual art, music, theater, and, of course, dance. If you’re a dance enthusiast, you probably already know that no […]

6 Hidden Gems in New York City

Although most people visit New York City to get a firsthand look at the common tourist attractions that are available, there are a number of hidden gems that add to the character of the destination and are scattered throughout the city. From quaint coffee shops to serene parks, there are a number of places to […]

melissa ko nyc storefronts

Melissa Ko’s Favorite East Village Restaurants

One of the most beautiful parts of living in New York is that there is always somewhere delicious to eat. World renowned chefs flock to NYC to put their culinary skills on display, and no matter where you are, every variation of restaurant imaginable is just a short subway (or taxi) ride away. I’ve lived […]

melissa ko kimchi fried rice

Melissa Ko’s Favorite Korean Restaurants

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to find a taste of your first home in your current home. That’s how it feels when I stumble upon delicious Korean food in New York City. There is no other comfort quite like being able to walk into a restaurant and be greeted with flavors, smells, and […]

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