More women are starting businesses than ever. While some female entrepreneurs, such as Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Indra Nooyi have become household names, there are much more up-and-comers who have not yet achieved the same name recognition.

Carolyn Rodz

As a kid, Carolyn Rodz wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be a lawyer, a teacher, or a businesswoman. Today, as a serial entrepreneur seeking to support empower businesswomen, Rodz is getting the best of all three. Rodz is the creator of Circular Board, is a business accelerator designed to help prospective female entrepreneurs by connecting them to resources, finances, and mentors.

Esosa Ighodaro

Esosa Ighodaro is the co-creator of the COSIGN app, which helps turn selfies into a marketing tool. COSIGN allows social media users to tag product information in their photos, improving the way that the internet can be used as a tool for word-of-mouth marketing. Growing up, Ighodaro learned about fashion in magazines–with COSIGN, she recreates that experience for a new, online generation.

Kayla Sanders

Kayla Sander’s start-up, Remy, was recently named one of the hottest New York City startups by a business insider, and for a good reason. Remy reinvents and streamlines the relationship between insurers and regulators. Compliance is a complicated process, and as insurance continues to evolve within the United States, companies such as Remy are instrumental in solving emergent challenges.

Leila Janah

Leila Janah’s twin startups, Sama and LXMI, aim for lofty goals through an incredibly simple-sounding solution. Janah hopes to end poverty by helping those in need find work. Sama and LXMI, both nonprofit, have found work for thousands of citizens of developing countries, and have created a job-training program for low-income workers in the United States.

Stella Mateo

It’s no secret that many women feel trepidation riding in a taxi. Meanwhile, only about 3% of cab drivers are female. Stella Mateo hopes to assuage those fears, while also empowering female taxi drivers, with SheTaxis, is a phone app and fast-growing taxi service that offers rides “for women, from women.” Users have the option to request a woman or anyway, giving nervous riders the ability to have some say in who’s in the driver’s seat.

Stephanie Lampkin

Stephanie Lampkin, an engineer and app designer, is the creator of the Blendoor app, a job search platform intended to increase diversity in the workplace by eliminating bias in the hiring process. Blendoor hides were identifying information about prospective employees, so that employers can truly pick the best candidate for the job, without prejudice.

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