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Month: September 2017

NYC Fall desintations, Melissa Ko

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm & Other Picturesque NYC Destinations During the Fall

Likely, you’ve heard dozens, if not countless stories about the pure splendor of summers and winters in New York City. It’s true. There’s nothing quite like summer days in Central Park and nothing quite like winter nights near Rockefeller Center. However, don’t be fooled, New York City also is a remarkably colorful, brilliant place during […]

Clam chowder & more, Melissa Ko

Manhattan Clam Chowder & More: Iconic & Lush NYC Dishes

Both savory and luscious foods originated here, in NYC, including General Tso’s Chicken and Baked Alaska. More than that, NYC has not only birthed several incredible dishes, there are countless notable NYC favorites born outside of the city –or even the nation– but earned its rites as NYC fare through naturalization. NYC and its culinary staples regularly […]

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